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Show page 9 - Doctor How's Global Warnin

Doctor How’s Global Warning!

An entertaining, educational and interactive adventure through history!

After visiting Planet Earth in the future, Doctor How and his friend Jessie arrive at a theatre in the present and whisk the audience on an adventure through time, space and history! Together they travel to a the year 2099AD, drop in on Queen Victoria in the 19th century and finally return to the present, where the stage is set for a showdown with the evil Dargons – aliens from the future now threatening the past!


But even if they succeed, will Planet Earth heed Doctor How’s Global Warning? The future is in all our hands!


A combination of fact and fantasy, history and adventure, drama and comedy, Doctor How’s Global Warning is suitable for the whole family, particularly 7-11 year olds.

“We are amused” – Queen Victoria

“Doctor How is a triumph – thanks to him I’ve just started the building work!”
Emperor Hadrian

“Doctor How put me on the right track – I’m so chuffed to have met him”

George Stephenson

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